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00 Jean-Patrick Girbig 30670661 Prévessin, 01, FR
01 Manfred Girbig   Olbersdorf, 02785, DE  
02 Rainer Girbig   Berlin, DE  
05 Ernie Girbig 34056525 Virginiatown,Ontario, CA  
09 Nancy J Reed   Yuba City, CA, US  
10 Paul Girbig   Uttenreuth, 91080, DE  
10 Wolfgang Girbig   Erlangen , 91052, DE  
11 Sandra Walker   Austin, TX, US  
  William Bauerle   US  
16 Manja Girbig   Regensburg, DE  
20 Uwe Girbig   Blaubeuren, DE  
21 Michael Girbig 5360967 Naumburg, DE
25 Christine Girbig   Dobeln, DE  
27 Joachim Girbig   Helmershausen, DE  
28 Alexandra Girbig   DE  
30 Karsten Girbig   DE  


22 Andreas Gürbig   Obersulm, DE  
23 Dieter Gürbig   Rothenburg, DE  
29 Olaf Ketelsen   Dresden, DE  


13 Maradee Fox   Marshalltown, IO, US  
13 Marie Gerbig Siferd 29737354 Monona, WI, US

13 Pat Gerbig   Pensacola, FL, US  
12 Susan Hudson 30710641 Oceanside, CA, US  
12 Barbara Hudson   Hemet, CA, US  
15 Jean-Claude Testart   Paris, 75, FR  
17 Bud Kerney      
12 Francis Montabon   Gleason, WI, US  
18 Christopher Gerbig 30680673 Alvarado, TX, US  
24 Stefanie Gerbig 24298246 Heidelberg, DE


08 Harry Gerbige   Alabama, US  
08 Heath Gerbige   Woodville, AL, US  


0 Bonnie Bess Wood   Hammond, LA, US  
0 Marcel Fournier   Agny, 62, FR  
0 William Comment   Monroe, US  


0 Suzanne Oehler   Broken Bow, OK, US  


Ma1 John Mahler   Toronto, CA  
0 Leslie Mahler      

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19 Caboz-Jaekel   Idron, FR 64


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Suzan Hudson Jean-Patrick Girbig Uwe Girbig Rainer Girbig Chris Gerbig Ernie Girbig
Fran Montabon


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(18) Christopher GERBIG

The name "Gerbig family circus" came about in two parts.  One, that I was once told my family had a circus troupe a very long time ago, and in the second part, because my wife thought it was cute.

As far as business goes, I am a carpenter by trade, while my wife works on the computer sending bulk E-mail for a fee.  Work is very slow for me right now, as I live in a very small town called Alvarado.

The town is situated south of Dallas/FT. Worth by approximately 50 miles.  A very small community with not much expansion going on right now, yet I try to stay busy.

My grandmother (Lucille Davidson-Rogoff) passed away, and she was my only link to any information concerning the Gerbig side of my family.  Business is not so good right now and so I am without means for research into my Gerbig lines.  I find it very unfortunate that my mother refuses to speak of my Father, and insists she hasn't any knowledge of my grandfathers history.

My brothers and sisters have no knowledge either.  We were estranged from grandmother before we were even conceived.

My grandmother was a Davidson, a very respected Jewish family.  She was born into wealth and had a twin sister, Cynthia, Who eventually married Ben Stein (founder of Burger King).  My grandmother, in turn married my grandfather, Frank Charles Gerbig SR. 

From what I can remember, my grandfather made his fortune with the railroad (I believe it was something to do with Pullman booth), and was subsequently marriage material for the Davidson family, as his bank account and religion met their criteria.

I am not sure where my father was born, but I do know that He lived a portion of his childhood in Evanston, Illinois.  I know this because I once saw a picture of my Father when he was approximately 12 years old in his classroom at the military academy he attended, and when questioned in passing, my father told me it was in that city and state.
I know that my father and grandparents were wealthy to say the least.  When my father was killed ten years ago, before his memorial service the family immediate spoke with a rabbi.  He asked each of us questions in order to write the memorial.  When he questioned my Grandmother of what it was like for the family during and following the depression, she said, "We never felt it."

My father enlisted in the navy as a hospital corpsman at 17 (he talked my grandmother into lying about his age for him) in 1942 or 43.  He was stationed in dutch-halandia, New Guinea (correct spelling)?  I don't know when my grandfather Gerbig passed away, but I believe it was during the time of my fathers enlistment.

After grandfather Gerbig passed, my grandmother remarried to a man Named Albert Rogoff.  He was a wealthy man also, self made as an attorney, and very respected in the legal community.

My father wanted to attend college at Arizona State University, and while he was there, he met my now stepfather, who ultimately introduced him to my mother.  They had a whirlwind romance and decided to marry, only one problem.  My mother was catholic.  My father agreed to convert to catholocism in order to marry, and was immediately cut off from his parents.  My grandmother would not under any circumstance stand for it. Regardless, they were married.

After years rolled by, my father and grandmother started to bridge the gap between them, yet it was still, for some unknown reason, taboo to speak of my grandfather Gerbig.My brothers and sisters, even my mother, were never accepted by my grandmother.  We were an embarrasement to her.  We were never allowed in her home in Miami beach.  If she wanted to visit, she came to us (perhaps three to five days a year).

After my fathers death, I once asked her for information during a phone call.  She became angry and told me not to call her anymore and hung up the phone.

After her death, my brothers and sisters and I went to Florida to settle her estate.While there, we found several boxes of very old photgraphs of the family, only to find there were no pictures of my grandfather Gerbig, as well as no information.  Nothing.

I don't know when I will be able to begin my journey for the truth, But I will keep you posted as information becomes available to me.I was given small snippettes of information growing up by my father, yet now I truly wonder what was reality, and what was false.Why the secrecy amongst my parents and grandparents?  I cannot answer now, but in time, I will get to the proverbial "bottom" of this whole charade.

If you would care to poste this to the other family of
Gerbig_-_Girbig_-_Gurbig, feel free to do so, after, sometimes unexpected
information comes from the person next door. 



(24) Stefanie GERBIG

Presently Student in Heidelberg. 23 years old.
Worked in France as AuPair.


(05) Ernie GIRBIG

Born February 24, 1952, in Northeim, Germany. Immigrated to Canada in 1952. Has been an Underground Gold Miner for 20 years. Living 8 hours north of Toronto, in a small community of 1000. Working in Kirkland Lake. One boy and one girl.



(00) Jean-Patrick GIRBIG

I have a nice family with 4 children. We live just besides Geneva and have a permanent (nearly!) view on the Mont-Blanc from the garden.

I am graduate of an Engineering High School as Surveyor. After several jobs in the African Bush, on vessels in the Persian Gulf, with Elf, I am now, since 10 years, in charge of the Cartography products and facilities of Petroconsultants. The company, is specialized in geological, oil and gas information, through databases, reports and maps, worldwide.

I travelled a lot.
In 1974, at 22, we drove 20.000 km, with friends, accross Turkey and Iran for 3 months.
In 1976-1977, we drove through Africa (desert, deep forest, savanah), down to Brazaville, for one year.
In 1978-1979, we lived in Central African Republic (it was also Empire). I worked there for Public Works ( roads, schools, hospitals, bridges).
In 1980, I went to Singapore, then Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates), where I worked for a service company for offshore positioning, until 1982.
In 1982, I joined Elf in France, for which I travelled to Malaysia, Tunisia, Malta, North Sea.
In 1989, I joined Petroconsultants in Geneva.



(21) Michael GIRBIG

21 years old.



(10) Paul GIRBIG

Born in January, 05, 1954. 2 little boys.



(20) Uwe GIRBIG

Will be 40 this year. A little girl.



(12) Susan HUDSON

I have a Bachelor's Degree in Sociology. Several years later I returned to a Junior College for a 2 year certificate program in Interior Design, I spent another decade taking college level art classes for my own enjoyment, and this year, returned to Junior College again where I am taking a class about designing web sites for businesses...and there is a Multimedia class that looks quite interesting (I spent six years supervising computer animation projects, some of them appeared on Primetime television, and another won a spot in the International Tourney of Animation).

Because I grew up in northern Wisconsin, I have visited Canada and because I relocated to Southern California 23 years ago, I have done some travelling in Mexico. I wish I could find a way to support myself in Cancun, or anywhere in the Caribbean. The ocean temperature in San Diego is below 65 (F) half the year, a little too chilly for swimming without a wetsuit.



(13) Marie SIFERD

Born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, October 26, 1952, fourth of eight children.  My parents, Millard Edwin and Rena (Schneiderwent) Gerbig, moved to Watertown, Wisconsin when I was one year old.  Upon graduating from Watertown Senior High School in 1970 I moved to Evanston, Illinois to attend Kendall Junior College.  After completing two semesters, I began working full-time and took an evening class each semester.

In the fall of 1974 I resumed full-time study at the University of Wisconsin in Madison.  A few years later I was granted a Bachelor of Science degree in Recreation and Leisure Education from the College of Agriculture.  In August of 1975 Glen Eric (Rick) Siferd and I were married in the Christ United Methodist Church in Watertown, WI.  His father, Glen Jr. Siferd performed the ceremony.  We live in the Madison area along with our two teen-aged daughters.

I study voice lessons from a wonderful teacher and have been teaching voice and guitar lessons.

My other interests are:  health researching and advocating, computer and Internet training, ushering at the Madison Civic Center and being involved in school, church and community projects in various capacities.

This is the home page for my city, Monona, WI: http://www.monona.wi.us/index.html

Links to city of Madison and its government, events, neighborhoods, schools, etc.: http://www.ci.madison.wi.us/madabout.html



(11) Sandra WALKER

54 years, living in Austin, Texas.
Link through Jaekel and Girbig